Petrophysical Log Analysis Software


PRIZM is now available as GVERSE Petrophysics, the 64-bit version, which provides you with the unmatched experience of analyzing and interpreting well log data and characterization of the reservoir using simple to advanced log interpretation workflows in a large multi-well multi-user environment. Click here to read more about GVERSE Petrophysics.

LMKR GeoGraphix® PRIZM™ log analysis software is the ideal tool for performing full reservoir characterization on well datasets of all sizes and complexity, from basic individual wells to multi-well, multi-zone projects.

PRIZM contains highly customizable and interactive tools for editing data, digitizing log curves, and creating flexible track displays. Its user-defined equations, comprised of more than 250 predefined standard log analysis equations, allow for quick, interactive log calculations.
PRIZM seamlessly interacts with the LMKR GeoGraphix mapping, cross-section, and zone analysis suite, as well as with other, geological applications.

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