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State of the art geological interpretation tools for structure and stratigraphic analysis, mapping and geosteering.

GeoGraphix for Geology offers state-of-the-art tools for interpreting geological structures and stratigraphy, as well as for mapping and geosteering. This dynamic suite of integrated tools is designed to assist geoscientists in their daily tasks. Whether you are involved in unconventional shale gas exploration or studying a clastic reservoir, GeoGraphix for Geology provides a versatile set of modules. These modules can be used independently for in-depth analysis or combined to gain a comprehensive understanding of your prospective reservoirs.


  • Accuracy: Improve reservoir understanding through sealed-surface earth modeling.
  • Integration: Integrate seismic attributes into the geomodel through real-time depth conversion of horizons, faults, and seismic backdrop.
  • Analysis: Create presentation-quality log templates; find relationships between attributes on multi-well cross plots, and perform customized multi-well log analysis with user-defined equations.
  • Visualization: Visualize and interpret surfaces, wells, seismic, and fence diagrams in a dynamic 3D environment.


  • Speed: Fast and accurate cross section building, correlation, and on-the-fly geomodeling in a robust 3D environment.
  • Real-time data: Geosteering while drilling that provides near real-time data updates to ensure the geomodel includes latest drilling data, a critical requirement for keeping the well bore on target.
  • Visualization: Analyzing and interpreting large data sets and visualizing the results in a presentation quality map, cross section, and 3D display.

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