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State of the art Geological interpretation tools for structure and stratigraphic analysis, mapping and geosteering.

GeoGraphix for Geology provides a dynamic set of integrated tools that helps today’s geoscientists for accomplishing their day to day tasks. Whether you are working in an unconventional shale gas play or exploring a clastic reservoir, GeoGraphix for Geology offers diversified set of modules that can be operated separately for detailed analysis or integrated together for providing an overall understanding of your prospect reservoirs.


  • Accuracy: Improve reservoir understanding through sealed-surface earth modeling.
  • Integration: Integrate seismic attributes into the geomodel through real-time depth conversion of horizons, faults, and seismic backdrop.
  • Analysis: Create presentation-quality log templates; find relationships between attributes on multi-well cross plots, and perform customized multi-well log analysis with user-defined equations.
  • Visualization: Visualize and interpret surfaces, wells, seismic, and fence diagrams in a dynamic 3D environment.


  • Speed: Fast and accurate cross section building, correlation, and on-the-fly geomodeling in a robust 3D environment.
  • Real-time data: Geosteering while drilling that provides near real-time data updates to ensure the geomodel includes latest drilling data, a critical requirement for keeping the well bore on target.
  • Visualization: Analyze and interpret large data sets and visualize the results in a presentation quality map, cross section, and 3D display.

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