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About GVERSE GeoGraphix

GeoGraphix (fondly referred to as GGX), was founded in Denver, Colorado to build the world's first geoscience software on Windows. GVERSE GeoGraphix is the latest evolution in G&G software that delivers advanced geological and geophysical interpretation at an exceptional price. The latest release of GVERSE GeoGraphix includes revamped geophysics, fast subsurface modeling and a laser-like focus on the core workflows geoscientists use every day.

GVERSE GeoGraphix is a complete geoscience platform offering leading-edge mapping, geological, geophysical & petrophysical interpretation, structural modeling, well and field planning, and state-of-the-art 3D visualization.

Key Strengths:

  • Tight integration that combines industry-leading technologies supported by a common data and project architecture.
  • Scalability that meets everyday workflow requirements of consultants as well as multinational oil companies.
  • Flexible licensing that allows you to pay for what you need/use.
  • Functionality tailored to both conventional and unconventional workflows.
  • Low requirement of IT support in-terms of hardware requirements, installation, and set-up time.
  • Cost efficient, at 30% less than comparable offerings, it is the smart solution for today's geoscientist.
  • User-based pricing models.

GVERSE GeoGraphix consists of geoscience and engineering solutions focused on workflow optimization and enhancing the productivity of teams working on diverse geological and geophysical projects. GVERSE GeoGraphix applications give you fast, easy-to-use scalable tools that are interoperable with other known geoscience software suites, creating a truly collaborative ecosystem built around future technology trends leveraging big data, cloud, and deep learning.

GeoGraphix® - A market leader in G&G Software*

Significantly enhanced geophysical interpretation

A market leader in G&G software for unconventional plays

Value-based and cost-effective

*Kimberlite report