Multi-Attributes Inversion Solution

GVERSE Predict3D

GVERSE Predict3D is a multi-attribute inversion solution*, based on spectral decomposition and state-of-the-art optimization techniques, to predict rock properties away from wells using well logs and seismic data. This enables you to understand the reservoir effectively and reduces risks associated with well planning and field development.
Predict3D relates well and seismic data using non-linear combinations of seismic attributes to predict rock properties away from and in-between wells
gverse connect
Time slice from a porosity volume to pinpoint sweet spots for accurate field and well Planning
A VSHALE volume set as a backdrop to keep wellbore on target for horizontal well

More Informed and Accurate Decisions

Higher resolution reservoir property volumes help in understanding the distribution of rock properties away from the correlation wells, significantly improving understanding of the reservoir. All members of the asset team - geologists, geophysicists, and engineers - are better prepared to make timely, informed decisions.

More Accurate Field Planning, Well Planning, Geosteering and Completions

The ability to predict reservoir properties away from the wells enables more accurate field and completion planning. Detailed reservoir property volumes allow geoscientists to plan wells more accurately, select good landing zones for their horizontals, and enable geosteerers to keep the bit in the heart of the sweet spot.

Ease of Use

Full integration with GeoGraphix solutions streamlines implementation of the prediction process and brings this capability to the desktop of interpreters and engineers. Predict 3D has been designed to produce outstanding results and time-effective projects with minimal input from the user.

Data Loading and Management

  • Direct access to the required well data and seismic data directly from your GeoGraphix projects
  • Ability to input 3D seismic data in standard SEG-Y format and well data in ASCII and LAS enables usage in standalone mode or with other platforms
  • Resulting volumes can be output directly into GeoGraphix projects or in standard SEG-Y format
  • Flexibility to launch Predict 3D directly from GeoGraphix, or run in standalone mode
  • Properties calculated in PRIZM can easily be input for prediction throughout the seismic volume

Multi-Attribute Property Prediction

  • Designed to produce outstanding results while minimizing input from the user
  • Calculates multiple seismic attributes from LUMINA's toolkit, and uses multi-attribute analysis to more accurately identify which attributes are useful, minimizing error and improving results
  • Predicts input log properties away from the well - Vp, Vs, Rho (Density), TOC, porosity, Shale Content, etc.
  • Capable of processing large data volumes in parallel, utilizing multiple cores or clusters effectively
  • Built-in quality control views enable users to refine results prior to full execution, saving time and money
System Requirements
  • 2.4 GHz 64-bit processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • Graphics card with hardware support for DirectX 11
  • Quad 3.1 GHz 64-bit Intel class or better
  • 32 GB RAM or greater
  • Graphics card with hardware support for DirectX 11 and 2GB dedicated VRAM
  • Dual 21-inch monitors
  • DVD-RW drive


  • Microsoft® .NET 4.5
  • Microsoft® DirectX 11
  • MCR 8.2 libraries for Matlab 2013b
  • GeoGraphix Discovery 2017.3 is required for integrated mode only

Operating Systems

  • Windows® 7 Professional x64
  • Windows® 7 Enterprise x64
  • Windows® 7 Ultimate x64