Auto Digitize Log Curves

Harness machine learning to automatically trace and save digital curves from raster images.

Looks like XSection, Feels like XSection, Is XSection!

Get the enhanced XSection experience. Enjoy the ease and speed of XSection combined with powerful tools that elevate your well correlation workflows, all without the need to redo any of your existing work.

Visualize IsoMap Layers in 3D

Add a 3rd dimension to your maps. Display IsoMap layers in 3D. Drape IsoMaps, culture data, well spots and all other layer types on surfaces in 3D view.

Edit Layers from GVERSE Geo+

Minimize toggling between apps. Update data and refine display attributes for layers right on the GVERSE Geo+ map.

Bring Geophysics to Life

Visualize horizons, faults, and geobodies directly on cross sections. Seamlessly integrate them into geological workflows with on-the-fly depth conversion.

Utilize IsoMap Grids for Well-In-Zone Calculations

Use IsoMap depth grids to define zones, enhancing your well statistics computations, such as percent in zone.

Assign Templates More Intelligently

Determine the log template for a well based on specific criteria such as raster-only data, well groups formed via WellBase filters, and more.

Experience unparalleled clarity with our improved print quality for cross sections

Search Efficiently

Quickly pinpoint data in map view, cross sections and the 3D view using intuitive search boxes.

Freeze Log Curve Headers

Lock curve scales in the cross-section header, and always have them visible as you zoom and scroll your cross section.

Streamline Zone Data I/O

Import ASCII data into ZoneManager with unmatched ease. Use auto-attribute assignment and rigorous data validation to ensure fast, accurate, and user-friendly data import and export.


- Computation of 3 and 4 mineral models using Python.

- APIs for reading/writing UDE-modeled curves..

Data Management and Mapping

Well Data Statistics Calculation

Thematically map well and production statistics over legal polygons with the new Well Data Statistics calculator.

Enhanced measurement tool for measuring distances on maps and layers.

With the new distance measurement tool, measure the distance between objects and features on the map.