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How To Transfer Xsection Cross Sections To GVERSE Geomodeling

Why would I need to move my cross section?

  • Geomodeling offers more features
  • Interpretive picking of tops
  • Unconformity trimming
  • Conformance of formation data
  • Usage of quick picking to quickly correlate an area
  • Use seismic backdrop for help with interpreting picks
  • Implement the cross section into the 3D scene using fence diagrams

How to transfer the cross section?

  • Open the cross section in Xsection
  • Make sure all data is present
  • Have a GVERSE Geomodeling interpretation created
  • File > Save As…
  • In the file type, choose the Cross Section XML format (.ssdx)
  • Save the file in your interpretation folder

How to use the cross section in GVERSE?

  • Open your interpretation
  • In your list of cross sections, double click to open it
  • The cross section should appear with the same wells, formations, faults, and settings

What are some key differences?

  • GVERSE does not use the raster template setup that Xsection does
  • Annotation objects will not transfer
  • Surfaces may appear different based on draw mode (true space vs. straight line)