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Petrel Plug-In For GeoGraphix - GVERSE Connect

What is GVERSE Connect?

  • The GVERSE™ Connect™ is a plug-in for the Petrel* Platform, which facilitates the direct exchange of data between GeoGraphix® and Petrel.

Why GVERSE Connect?

  • GVERSE Connect has made data transfers\sharing between GeoGraphix and PETREL seamless. This plug-in enables wells, seismic horizons, faults and surfaces data to come together into an integrated interpretation environment. It enables an efficient exchange between two industry-leading E&P technologies and provides the user the ability to use the “best fit” technologies for their job without the concern of data migration issues and related delays.

How GVERSE Connect has made an Interpreter’s life easy?

  • Seismic horizons, faults, surfaces and well data now, can easily be transferred in no time from GeoGraphix to PETREL or vice versa. This saves huge amount of time and effort of an Interpreter or a GeoTech.