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How To Normalize Curves In GVERSE Petrophysics

What is GVERSE Petrophysics?

  • GVERSE Petrophysics is a new, intuitive petrophysical application for analyzing and interpreting well log data and characterization of the reservoir.

What is the purpose of normalizing curves?

  • Discrepancies between curves may be due to tool calibration, log vintage, etc….Therefore it is necessary to normalize curves. Normalizing is a process of re-scaling inupt curves to a reference curve distribution.

How to normalize curves?

  • In GVERSE Petrophysics, open a well log
  • Click on the Curves tab and select Normalize
  • Click OK on the Select Curve dialog box for Reference Well
  • Under the Normalize Wells box, click the button, to add an input well for its curve to be normalized, multiple selections can be made.
  • Highlight the Well ID from the Normalize Wells list to activate the histogram curves
  • Click and drag the Normalization curve to adjust the P(min) and P(max) against the reference curve distribution
  • Click Save and then close the Graphical Curve Normalization window