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How To Import Well Log Data In GVERSE Petrophysics

What is GVERSE Petrophysics?

  • GVERSE® Petrophysics is a 64-bit petrophysical application designed to assist geoscientists and petrophysicists in analyzing and interpreting well log data and characterization of the reservoir using simple to advanced log interpretation workflows in a large multi-well multi-user environment.

Which formats of Well Log Data can be imported in GVERSE Petrophysics?

  • Well log data can be imported in GVERSE Petrophysics using different formats like:
  • DLIS
  • ASCII (.txt, .dat , .asc , .las )
  • Dipmeter Data Import

What are different view modes in GVERSE Petrophysics for imported log data?

  • Log View :Imported Curves can be viewed in Log mode by displaying the imported curves in tracks. Multiple tracks can be displayed as per choice.
  • Report Mode : Curves can also be displayed in report mode that provides numeric value of curves at each depth increment. We can also apply statistics like Average, Max , Min etc on the curves.
  • X-plot Mode : Curves can also be displayed in the cross-plot. They can be displayed on X and Y axis , we can also use a third Z axis curve.

How to Import Well Log Data in GVERSE Petophysics?

  • Click on Petrophysics Icon at the top left of the module > Import > Select the format to import the log data.
  • Once Imported. Go to Open Well > Select the Well > Open
  • Curves will be displayed on the selected template.