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Identify Dominant Frequencies In 2D And 3D Seismic Data And Their Comparison

What is GVERSE Geophysics?

  • GVERSE Geophysics is a new, intuitive and easy-to-use seismic interpretation system with powerful 2D, 3D and real time visualization and interpretation capabilities.

What is Seismic Power Spectrum?

  • Power Spectrum in GVERSE Geophysics allows an Interpreter to visually analyze the frequency distribution of his Seismic data. It enables a user to compute and compare the plots from different seismic sections in one window.

How does it help with seismic interpretation?

  • Such Frequency information can be utilized in GVERSE Inversion, Predict3D, and GVERSE Attributes, for performing advanced Geophysics workflows. In this way certain features are identified which are only visible in specific frequency ranges. Spectral decomposition is one such example, which exports several seismic volumes, each representing a different frequency band. Geologic characteristics that respond differently to different frequency ranges of Seismic signal are highlighted in Spectral decomposition. Identifying dominant frequencies is very helpful in advanced geophysical workflows, and the information can be utilized in GVERSE Inversion, Predict 3D and GVERSE Attributes. Some geological features are only visible within specific frequency ranges, due to various reasons. Spectral decomposition, in GVERSE Attributes, is one such example, which exports several seismic volumes based on frequency bands, and then applies seismic attributes to frequency attuned volumes to delineate geologic features which cannot be seen on conventional seismic data.
  • Extracting information of Dominant and low frequencies from 2D and 3D Seismic data (Time and depth domain) will enable interpreter to better understand the frequency distribution in his seismic data for further working in Advanced Geophysics and attribute analysis.

How to use Power Spectrum in GVERSE Geophysics

  • Activate GVERSE Geophysics Time\Depth Interpretation
  • Launch 3D module of GVERSE Geophysics
  • Add 2D and 3D Seismic data to 3D View 1
  • Select Power Spectrum from Tools drop down menu on 3D View ribbon
  • Select an area (Cubical or Cuboidal) one by one on desired Inlines, Xlines, 3D Probe and 2D Seismic lines
  • As soon as the selection is made graphs\plots will be created in Power Spectrum window
  • On top right hand corner of Power Spectrum window Legend will be displayed showing the Sources and their corresponding color
  • Hovering the mouse cursor on top of individual plot will display tooltip, showing further details like Survey, Version, Start and End trace, Z Range