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How To Calculate The Well Length And Percent In A Zone

Why would I need to calculate the well length and percent in a targeted zone?

  • Dipping trend of the subsurface layers can lead to skim over the targeted zone while geosteering a horizontal well
  • Presence of an unexpected fault cuts

How to calculate the well length and percent ?

  • Open the GVERSE Geomodeling Interpretation from the GVERSE Geomodeling application
  • Open the cross section
  • Click the Calculate well(s) in Zone icon
  • Select the desired GSM or ZoneManager zone. The zone can also be defined by selecting surfaces in the GeoSurface Model Properties
  • Select the desired Well or wells for which you want to compute the length and percent of a well in a zone
  • Click the Calculate button
  • The computed values for the length and percent are displayed in the Calculate well(s) in Zone – Report dialog box
  • Click Save to ZoneManager to save the computed values of length and percent in ZoneManager. It can also be saved as a txt file by clicking Save as Text and copied to a clipboard by clicking the Copy to Clipboard option.